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It's been a hot minute, but now that work has lightened a bit, going to work on some commissions! Just 6 for tonight(5 pizza parties, 1 painted piece I've been wanting to do since the person told me about it!).
Pop in if you're not too busy- warning: I jump around my playlist a lot and I don't take music requests.

Stream ended! I'll do another one over the weekend!
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Botcon 2014 is coming up this June and I've decided to take a page form my buddy glovestudios and decided to open up a commission list BEFORE the convention starts so I can have them done by the time the convention starts. The main reason is because it'll (hopefully) give me time to enjoy the convention without being worrying about finishing a commission list AND people won't have to wait forever after the convention for their commissions (I'm still working on them, btw! If you're waiting for a convention sketch and will be at Botcon this year, let me know and I'll try and have that to you!).

So how's this going to work?
Well, normally at conventions I draw the image and then the person pays. This is so that no one loses any money if I can't get to their commission; I'd rather the person bring their money to another artist because I couldn't get to their commission versus that person be out $X because they're waiting on me and put in a down payment. That's just me. BUT that only works at the convention.
Like my buddy Andrew stated in his commission list(I'm going to paraphrase here), by doing a commission list like this ahead of time you run the risk of putting in work on a piece that may or may not be picked up. Unfortunately, that does mean that if you're signing up for a commission, you will have to put in the money ahead of time.

PLEASE understand that there will be a lot of fantastic artists at Botcon that you can commission from. I've linked Andrew's blog with prices/contact info above, but here it is again. I've always been an artist before a colorist, but I'm not as good as the interior artists on IDW books. Please consider that when you buy a commission from me, you're buying art from me, so it won't look like a Milne piece, a Griffith Piece, a Livio piece, etc. Please really consider taking a look at what I draw personally before getting a commission. I haven't taken pictures of commissions I've done before at cons, so the best I can do is point you to my gallery and to pay attention to the description under each for credit info; if no pencils/inks/lines credit is given, it's most likely all me.
ALSO, my prices are a little higher than they normally are at cons; this is because I really need to make sure I'm pricing my time correctly. Remember that with comics, I'm pretty much a colorist before artist. I, again, urge you to check out Griffith's commission list (or any other artist going to Botcon that is opening up commissions before the con); they are WAY more polished than I am. I still want to draw your commission and take your money, but I really want to make sure you've checked your other options out.

Commissions I will be offering:
(Colors will be done via marker)

Sketch cards 2.5" x 3.5"- single character only, $5 b&w(might have a color added at my discretion), $10 full color
This will be either regular bust/head shot in a more regular style, or full-bodied Super Deformed style.
I will be opening up 10 slots for Sketch Cards. 

6" x 9" Pizza Party Artwork
(single character only) $5
Okay; Pizza Party is a SPECIFIC style; it's very loose, very doodley see this for an example:
It's a pizza party okay 01 by dyemooch (note this was done digitally; pizza party commissions are done with sharpie and crayons)
I will be opening 10 slots.

9" x 12" artwork :
Headshot regular style: $15 b&w, $20 color
Regular style or Full Body Super Deformed style: $20 b&w, $30 color
(Head shots/Regular styled full body are single character only; Super deformed are limited to two characters)
I will be opening 10 slots.

11" x 17" artwork:
Single character regular style full body $30 b&w, $40 color (additional characters ((up to three)) +$10 each if b&w; +$15 each if color)
5 character Super Deformed  $25 b&w(might have a color added at my discretion), $35 color
I will be opening 5 slots; if they fill up and I finish the 5 ahead of time, I will open another 5 slots up.
Slots for 11" x 17" are now full/closed for now.

Remember, this list is for Botcon 2014 commissions and pick up (at the con) ONLY.
e-mail - put "BOTCON 2014 commission" in your subject and, within the e-mail itself, include character information, type of commission and if you want it in color or not. I'll reply with a total and paypal info. I'll start on the commission after payment is received. I plan to have them all finished before the con, so you should be able to pick up your commission just whenever, but if there's a specific day you will be at the con, let me know, and I'll try and have it available for you on that day. I'll still offer a small amount of commissions at the con itself- but this will ensure that if you want a commission from me, you'll get it at the con.

Because I've been asked this a lot:
You do pay upfront, but I don't touch the money until the commission is DONE. I'll send photos along when they're finished so you know how the final product looks.


My mistake! the Pizza Party commissions are 6" x 9", not 4.5" x 6!!! Sorry about that!
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It's time to get to any commissions people are still waiting on as WELL as starting new commisisons.
You know the drill- if I owe you're still waiting on a comisson and you're still interested in it, please shoot a note my way with "Backlogged Commission" in the header- please include any/all information you can(if it was inked, colored- cel shaded or painted, if we worked out a special deal, etc; I've been CRAZY busy and it's made me CRAZY forgetful!).
I'll be working on commissions via streams over at my Livestream channel in my free time:

I'll be opening new commissions next week with new pricing. The rates have gone up because my time isn't as open as it used to be, which is good, but bad because of price increases. Gotta build up con-season funds!
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Hey guys! Been cuh-ray-zee busy over here! Lots of fun shtick to work on; my days are rather swallowed up with work but it feels really good, you know? Wanted to post a journal here to let you guys know that I'll be popping up in "Introducing Vol. 5" along with some other great artists c: Originally I was supposed to be in Vol. 4, but work got REALLY nuts. Work is still REALLY nuts, but I've kinda gotten a bit better at juggling time. Kind of. DON'T JUDGE ME. But anyway- since I'm pressed for time, I'm going to copy-paste the already well-written "Introducing Vol. 5 " lineup and information here:


We added one more artist to this volume of Introducing and now we have six creatives in this lineup. 
What does this mean to you? More art, same price. 
We are trying to work a miracle and have copies at NYCC October 11-13.

Drumroll please!

Josh Perez  :icondyemooch: 

Daniel Campos :iconstalk: 

Cale Smith  Instagram: captaincaletulip 

Eugene Commodore:iconeugenecommodore:

Daniel Silva :icondsilvabarred: 

We will Spotlight each artist in Updates to come. 

ONLY! $19.99
If you would like to preorder and get %10 off e-mail us at (You pay $17.99)
We will invoice you through Paypal. 


Wasn't that word from Mr. Vega(it is you, right? that wrote this?) fantastic? I hope you consider grabbing this! I won't be submitting any Bravoman or Transformers art(or anything 'fan art') to it- it'll all be original and "inspired by" stuff. Going mostly for toku-inspired and maybe creepy dream-like stuff.
I've seen some of the stuff going into the book and it looks great! I almost feel bad that I'm in with these amazing folks XD
Anywho! It's been dead and sorry I haven't updated this journal more with "what's ups"!

Hope you've all been well c:
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I've got a lot to do tonight, but I need a break from work tonight and since I'm "calling it a day" anyway, I'm gonna stream.
I'm very horrible- VERY HORRIBLE- at notifying when I'm going to stream here on dA because it's just too much of a hassle to post anything here that's as temporary as saying "STREAM!" or "STREAM OVER!". It's easier to tweet/post a tumblr blog because those get wiped/pushed down fast with other stuff. deviantART is just not the place for me to post up journal posts that will be, like, obsolete in the next four hours... but I don't want to alienate people with nothing better to do at 1 in the morning and figured I'd cross-post that I'm going to be doing some Bravoman fan art in the stream.

We gotta draw shit for ourselves sometime.

The next few streams after this will most likely be related to making prints for cons I'm doing this summer, and then once I've gotten that out the way, the streams after will most likely be commission streams to clear through the old commission list and get into a new commission list before I close them for the summer.

Getting everything together, so I'll post the link here, but I'll probably be streaming a few minutes after I post it here so I can gather references and stuff together and stream:

I gotta get sleep, walk m'corgi friend MudPie, and get back to actual work! Thanks to all that stopped by!

Will finish this up right now through the morning!
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SO I'm finding myself with time for a little while, and I figure I should probably use that time to catch up on a lot of stuff!
One of those a lot of stuffs are commissions or convention sketches people are waiting on!

You know the drill- if you're waiting on something and you're still interested, please note me with what I owe you(and if we worked out a special deal or something, let me know that too!). I won't be barreling through these like crazy, but I want to use the free time to get caught up on stuff. OH! And title your note "Commission" as well.

When I get caught up with enough of these, I'll probably open up commissions or some thing because I need to keep myself busy or I'll go insane c:

Okay, I'm having people interested in new commissions, so if I get enough interest for NEW commissions, I'll open up a 10 commission slot thingy.
PRIMARILY, though, I'd like to take this opportunity to get caught up on images people are still interested in.
(NOTE: this is why I don't charge anyone for commissions up front. I tend to get crazy busy and I don't want people waiting on something I don't have time to do, and meanwhile they're out "x dollars" until I get to it. I'll leave this journal here for, like, a week or two; after that, I'll assume that everyone else has found someone else to take care of their commissions or are uninterested and will start a new commission group, so if you're still interested in a commission I haven't gotten to yet, let me know now, or you'll have to pop into a new commission group slot list and new prices will apply versus the older, cheaper prices)

Oh wow things have been more work-filled than I though and MORE people have shown interest for commissions, aside from the others that have noted me and let me know they're still interested in their commissions.
I've got some things I need to get done this week; after that I'm going to try and blitz through my commissions. After I get my work done for today, I'll post a new journal entry with the old-commission-still-interesties  queue, along with the new commission pricing I need to do for new commissions. Once I post the new commission prices, I'll ask any new commission folks if they're still keen on wanting one via notes and we'll move on from there.

Thanks for the continued interest! I'm really trying to come up with new prices that are fair for the buyer and fair to me since my time has become more limited and I feel my old prices don't properly represent the time/effort that goes into pieces these days.
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Happy early New Year's!
2012 was amazing to me- I hope 2013 will be even moreso!

Streaming a Ruby-Spears inspired Bravoman for a bit c:
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I just wanted to get my gallery caught up with the RiD/MtMtE covers that have been solicited so far! I'm sure I'm missing something. I'll find out eventually.

I would strongly suggest reading TF: MtMtE and TF: RiD. They're both EXCELLENT books with excellent creative teams with two different styles of storytelling going on! Both books are exciting and definitely enjoyable.

c: So yeah... you should go buy them or something. You know. Because Transformers and AMAZING stories!
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Tomorrow morning I head out to fly to Buffalos where I'll be picked up, transformed into a circle and rolled across the Canadian border for TFcon 2012!!
Info for TFcon:

For the folks who will be going, I thought I'd put up information and stuff.
I'll have the regular prints thing going on (8.5 x 11 are $5 and 11 x 17 are $10)
I'll also be doing pizza party, "bot shot", and regular commissions (all of these will be limited to a few slots each per day)-
Pizza Party commissions will be sharpie w/crayon on 8.5 x 11 cardstock(I wanted to do newsprint but never got around to buying any!) and will be $5 for 2 characters.
Bot Shots commissions are SD-styled Transformers with a "bot shots" design to them; these will be 4.5 x 6 on bristol and will be black and white for $10
Regular commissions will be on 11 x17 bristol, black and white with up to 2 characters for $25(with additional characters(up to 4 characters total) for $5 each).
edit: Forgot to mention that "regular commissions" will be done in a stylized G1-cartoon-ish style since that's how's I draws them bots by default now : I

Because I I can't bring too much with me, I WILL be limited on the amount of each commission I can do, so I will have a commission cap at the end of the day, unlike at other cons(learning my lesson!) so that you're not stuck waiting on stuff. (I'll be working on con sketches from past cons I haven't gotten to yet while I'm up there in my down-time).

These are the prints that I'll try to have over the weekend:
MtMtE Pizza Party Print by dyemooch TFcon's Shafter by dyemooch TF Pizza Party Print Botcon 2012 by dyemooch 10th Anniversary Armada by dyemooch Not the one Waving by dyemooch Botcon 2012 GilvezanPrint by dyemooch
Botcon 2012 RiD Print by dyemooch You can fight by dyemooch Stunticonger Botcon print by dyemooch StunticonG2 by dyemooch It's DARE by dyemooch I'm the one who is PopTart by dyemooch

(note: I'm just bringing the Dan Gilvezan print because I liked it a lot)

These prints will only be available on Sunday(all TF prints I have left will still be available Sunday too):
WWACC Tron Pilgrim by dyemooch I LOVE BUGS! (we be buggin) by dyemooch Da He Mizzle by dyemooch

I want to try and have ONE more Sunday print, but I've been buried with work so much that I don't think I'll be able too. I dunno, we'll see : O

SEE Y'ALL AT TFCON PEOPLE! I look forward to meeting all you people across the border! c:
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I always intended to do another set of PPC's, but then work happened, so now part two!!

Please see previous journal for what Pizza Party Commissions are:

There were a LOT of people that wanted in on the second set of PPC's; so they get priority on their PPC(please note me or dm me on twitter dyemooch if you are still interested!), but I'll throw up a queue of 10 anyway. I may add on 5 more if these fill up fast, too.

Prices and procedures:
Digital only commissions(as in you are sent a hi res file online)
$2.50 get you one character on an 8.5" x 11" 300 dpi image
$5.00 gets you up to 4 characters  on either two 8.5" x 11" 300 dpi images, or one 11" x 17" 300 dpi image.

PAYPAL only please! I'll draw the image and send you a lo-res(72dpi) watermarked image via note/dm/e-mail(which ever you are more comfortable with) and I'll send the hi-res after your payment sends(I will give you the e-mail to send paypal monies to at that time).
Extending the queue to 15 because enough people wanted one to make it 15, but not enough for me to make a Wave 3 before TFcon.

1. :iconmazzlebee: (done)
2. :iconoswo: (done)
3. :iconfloating-cat: (done)
4. random_Factor (done)
5. :iconlightourdarkesthour:
6. :iconfargus:
7. :iconmisakichan1337:
8. :iconmakoredeyes:
9. :icona-r-q:
10. :iconsakuranboneko:
11. :icona-iccara:
12. :iconcascadiasci:
13. :iconemeraldbeacon:
14. :iconv-for-vincent:
15. rustypolished

Update: OKAY. Going to start on PPC commissions over on my livestream channel ( here in the next hour.
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It's that time of the year people! Got a 'con coming up at the end of the month(TFcon, if you haven't hoids)- and to offset some costs(i.e., by a shitload of zombie vipers and pork bulgogi), I figure LET'S DO PIZZA PARTY COMMISSIONS!!!

"But Mr. Burrito, what's a Pizza Party commission!? Is it about pizza!?"
It doesn't have to if you don't want to!
Pizza Party Pictures are just... really... umn... THUMBNAILS:
It's a pizza party okay 01 by dyemooch TF Pizza Party Print Botcon 2012 by dyemooch

They're just little cute things that... I dunno.

"Man that looks like shit and I'm totes not otes for thotes."

I don't know why you'd want to spend money on it either! They were pretty popular at Botcon and I actually get notes about people interested in me drawing "their favorite character" in this style, so I figure WHY NOT.
Look, this might not be for you.
There are SO MANY OTHER ARTISTS OUT THERE offering crazy cheap commission prices for their incredible styles, and this is nowhere near my A-game art.
This is just cheap, fun, fast commissions fulled with funny faces and flappy phalanges!

"How much is this gonna cost me if I'm interested, Ripoff Perez?"
D: Oh man it's not a ripoff because let me tell you.
Let me tell you.
Here's the breakdown:
They're $2.50 for an 8.5" x 11" digital commission of whatever character you want. Transformers, not Transformers, or even Transformers. You only get one character though.
If you get TWO commissions ($5), you can get two characters on each commission. So that's like four characters. You can even have them all sharing the same space in one large image!

"This is stupid."
You're stupid.


Pizza Party Commissions (Digital Only!)
1 character commission for $2.50
Throw down $5 and you get up to four characters- either on two separate 8.5" x 11" images or one large 11" x 17" image.

Paypal only please!
You note me if you want insies.
When you note, I will give you your slot number. I do the commission, I send you a link to a lo-res, watermarked image and the e-mail address where you send monies via paypal. Once your monies is in my piggy bank(my paypal account), I can either send you a link to download the hi-res picture in the note or via e-mail(which ever is more comfortable for you).

Will open up 10 slots- if they fill up fast, then I'll do another 10. I don't think these will be that popular but I'll open up another 5 slots after that, and so on and so on.

All the people.
1. :iconstevenstune: (done)
2. :icontaihe: (done)
3. deadmensboots (done)
4. :iconmiraibaby: (done)
5. @defaultlefty (done)
6. GeneralTekno (done)
7. ladyofwreck (done)
8. :iconjasoncanty: (done)
9. :iconspikemcclane: (done)
10. thesilentg (done)

EDIT: SLOTS FILLED UP FAST!!! D:!!! If you're still wanting one, just hold up- I'll open another 10 immediately after these guys and will put you in the queue accordingly!

I dunno. I guess that's it? : I  I've gotta get back to work! These don't take but probably 30 minutes to make, so they should be in fast. Like a pizza. PIZZA PARTY.

This commission is also opened up to Twitter followers; instead of their dA avatars being placed next to the number, it will be their twitter account- unless that's too public, then just whatever placeholder name is gravy with them.


EDIT 2: Oh wwwoooowww. That was fast. Okay! First batch done! I'll put up the second batch slots after I finish up some work!
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TMNT print onna livestreams

Thanks for stopping by! Growling stomach stopped the stream, but I'll pop back on tonight to finish this up!

SIIIIKE! Back on to finish this image and then moving on to the next print.

AAAANNNND We're done with that again today. Thanks for stopping by!
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So like... if you want a really fucking awesome MLP commission from someone who is, like, BFF with cute things of the world, you should check out Mazzlebee's journal:

Dis lady be all up ins dat cute like a spleen, then she be bursting out dat cute like a blowed up spleen. But instad of spleen, it's a sleeping bag with your favorite puppy's photo on it. And instead of blood it's, like, sparkles and candy.

Also her art is "bossa nova" as Donatello put it.

..."chevy nova?"
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Hey! Just wanted to let you guys know I'm streaming my Dan Gilvezan print for Botcon; so little time to get this all done!!
This one is themed after all the characters he voiced in the G1 TF season! SO SIKED THAT HE'LL BE AT BOTCON 2012!!

Come join if you can c:
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"It's been a thrill to bring you "Introducing…" every year and we have yet another great lineup for Volume 4. It's an honor to work with every team and this time we have something special. We have three comic creators that will share pages from their comics to make this volume bigger than ever. That means more pages folks."

'Tis VegamationPress' 4th Volume of Introducing- they've had amazing artists in the past in their book such as fellow colorist dcjosh(among others).
Been crazy busy, and meant to make this announcement earlier- but kept forgetting about it!

Here is the lineup in no particular order.

Josh Perez – Super Star Colorist and Artist :icondyemooch: (hah! Super Star... s'like I'm Pat Lee or something!)
Andrew Tunney – Creator of "Girl & Boy" :iconandrewtunney:
Robert Porter – Creator of "Rat Rage" :iconrobaato:
Andre Araújo – Creator of "Nomad: :iconerdna1:
George Vega – Artist and Editor for Vegamationpress :iconshaotemp: (It's time to come out from the shadows)

The book is due out in May.
It will be available on Amazon, Digital or Hardcover.

Contest coming soon so keep an eye on us.

Facebook page:…
Twitter: VegamationPress





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Files are acting stupid today so I'm going to take a breather and livestream some Tackle Boy/WarriorWheel art before I get back to work. Maybe you wanna join in? I dunno. This was a last minute thing, so just doing what came to mind first- NEXT livestream will be more planned and probably take care of a VERY patient person's request from last summer!

Anyway; so it's if you wanna join.

TOTALLY forgot about the superbowl stuff- chose Tackle Boy randomly; maybe we'll pretend it's a Super Bowl themed livestream. Whatever :I Warming up for now!

DERP, livestream ended c: THANKS ALL FOR COMING!
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Gonna be in San Antonio signing advance copies of Robots in Disguise #1 at the Alamo Drafthouse this Sunday, the 22!
BUT. But.
There's ALSO going to be a FREE showing of the 1986 Transformers movie there!

:I San Antonio !

Also, from what I'm told, the books are also signed by Transformers Editor and RiD writer, John Barber! A~nd these are sketch covers... so like... I can draw a somethings on your book too c:

more info here:…
(it's not up to date and doesn't mention the books being blank covers or John Barber's sig on them)

ANYWHO! So yeah. If you're in San Antonio or something, swing on by the Alamo Drafthouse in San Antonio (even starts at 6 pm! Sunday!)
OH YEAH! And that print I made is also there that you could buy get.

So yyeaah... : D
If you can't go or aren't in Texas, that's cool( I'm sure there'll be a lot of "I'm not in Texas" or "I can't make it!", and that's totally fine), but if you can swing it, please do : D!
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I just finished watching the Gokaiger vs Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Grand Battle movie.

That movie hit EVERYTHING I love about super sentai- most of all, the incredibly obvious, always touching idea of "KEEP AT IT! NEVER GIVE UP!".

Seriously, I love this movie. Not only is Gokaiger an INCREDIBLE series, but this movie is now one of my favorite movies.

And I had to make a journal entry just to say that because I gushed too much about it on Twitter.

And now, I believe, I'm off to spam everywhere else about it too.
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So it's been forever since I've updated! Things have been CRAZY here- lots of work, so much of it that I think I'm set for a while, lol.

That said, I've been using Livestream to warm up before work, or to take breaks after I finish a set amount of work. I still have quite a few coloring projects backlogged that I'll be utilizing Livestream for that; as WELL as old backed up commissions I never got a chance to get to(talking to you Botcon people too! My apologies for not finishing up your stuff!).
There's no set schedule as to when or what time I livestream, but I'll remember to make an announcement here; but feel free to sit in and watch for a bit and listen to how much of my playlist is Disney theme park music, hrrkadrrkadrrr.

LOTS of work- gotta get back to some stuff for AVP right now : )
Maybe AVP wouldn't mind my Livestreaming my work on their stuff? Would LOVE it if I could get the blessing to work on a page or two for an IDW book(RiD pages or maybe covers?). That'd be fun c:

Catch me on: from time-to-time. I'll either be working on something for somethings or just taking a work break and playing around for funzies. Expect stupidity and the constant cameos of these creations I made called "the Duckguin Fwends"(or "the Puptea Pals" to some((read: one)) ); they're based on friends I Skype-chat with often who frequent the streams too : ) They're great people!

Going to Livestream for a bit! Not for too long, just a little bit to take a work break : )

abarai-san reminded me! I do tend to tweet when I'll be livestreaming, versus making a post here- it's just more convenient that way. (obviously, the twitter account you're looking for is Dyemooch)
OKAY- it's been crazy time after Botcon, and I've been doing nothing but working on seventy million projects that are taking up my time like CRAZY(some awesome, some meh).

A nice chunk of the projects(3 of the 5) are done with, and I just have these last two to go. After that, I'll be going back to the commissions(thanks and sorry to those who have noted me!).
I have a few things I need to mail out for people from Botcon- sorry about that guys! The person who is getting a color print- I haven't had time to work on it, so I'm sorry that I haven't sent it out your way yet. I need to send some sketch cards out too- I just keep forgetting to do that and that's dumb of me. I'll try and get those mailed out tomorrow. There's another commission(two?) that I need to mail out, but I forgot the user name for that person and I don't have the mailing address D:

ANYWHO. Back to work- I'll see you guys later with commissions a blazing!