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June 7, 2008
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Shattered Glass Bee before Bug by dyemooch Shattered Glass Bee before Bug by dyemooch
Wow. I love Botcon's Shattered Glass universe. I certainly hope there is more done! I'd love to see back stories and what-not explored! Like Spotlights, you know?
Anywho; taken from his profile(copied and pasted from
"Goldbug was once a young Cybertronian drifter known as Bumblebee. He survived on the streets of Polyhex with no real purpose. Over time, he became skilled at sneaking around, stealing, eavesdropping and blackmailing. When he heard of a new cause being led by Optimus Prime, he eagerly joined the Autobots n hopes of finding a place to belong and where his unsavory activities would be tolerated. When the war began, Bumblebee showed extreme bravery in battle and often sought ways to be noticed by command. In time, he worked his way up the ranks of the Autobots and when the Autobot Seeker Drench was destroyed, Bumblebee was offered an upgraded form and a new identity as Goldbug, to take his place. Although he holds a high position in the Autobot hierarchy, he is paranoid that someone will one day try to betray him and take his place as he has done to so many others in the past."

I love SG Autobot Goldbug. I really want to see his development from Bumblebee TO Goldbug. I wonder what his color scheme would have... I'd like to think it'd be like Insecticon Ransack : ). He gets to keep yellow and black that way; it just switches. XD
But yeah.
I know this is TECHNICALLY a scrap- but I wanted to have something up to push back the two RoS fun-lettered pages I put up. Pretty crappy stuff, but I kinda like it... KINDA.
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It feels like he should be shooting with his middle finger. :)
you did an excellent job with SG Bee *snif* i cant believe this coming from BBB D:, one question, can i color it, plz??? x3
(sorry for the bad english)
dyemooch Jan 10, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Haha; it's a horrible and messy picture, but if you want to color it, be my guest :)
dyemooch Jan 10, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
no problem :)
I'd love to see it when you're done!
Hey, you know, I think the art actually looks pretty cool. I get a Clown from Spawn vibe, he seems like a angry little fat man... I actually dig it ;)
Water-Melony Oct 1, 2008
love it..its really cool :)
bunnybot Jul 8, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the way you draw Bumblebee~ I always had a soft spot for G1 Bee :3 He looks so cool and sexy as a bad bot 8-)
Holy crap I need to get me this Shattered Glass series. You made something chubby and cute into chubby and baddass! :noes:
dyemooch Jun 9, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
It's a one-shot for the Botcon 2008 convention- but it's fucking amazing. Autobots as the evil force of tyranny is amazing... for some reason, they're more twisted than standard "evil" Decepticons.
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