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May 23, 2003
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Dyemooch waits for weekends by dyemooch Dyemooch waits for weekends by dyemooch
Carver? Carvard? Carv? Karl? BRANDON!?!? I've seen Weekenders a jillion times, and I forget his name! X_X

Anywho, Tino and Carv(rrr...assume I'm correct) chillin out at the arcade. The original intention was for Lor and Tish to be next to Tino, and have Carv' chillin next to the "Cool Kids" all nervous-like(of course, the "Cool Kids" don't want him thar' ;_; ). Hehehe.
I was also going to toss in a word bubble over the not-Tino and have him say something like "You know you need quarters to play those things, right?" or something like that...but I threw it out because it was funnier at the time : B.
I'll draw another picture with the full Weekenders' team.

Oh...this is Weekenders fan art. Me and my bro keep saying to eachother that we're goin' ta draw some Weekenders art, but it doesn't usually work out...x_x. And yeah...They both look funny. Skin and Hair are kinda iffy on Tino, and Carver's hair looks odd and his skin tone is lighter than I thought it was((the computer I color on is darker in it's cahl'ors)).

I'm waitin' for tha' WEEEEEEKEEEND! I'm waitin' fo da week-ee-eeeeend; YEAH!
...if you don't know who the Weekenders are, you are missin' out on a decent show. I like it : D.
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PrettyKitty-13 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
probably the best "weekenders" fan art i've seen yet! Carver looks adorable :3
ARTEMISFOWL77 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2007
heheh! you made Tino look like one of my friends...
Generalnazor Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2006
It's Jonny Quest's cuzzen everybody!
DarthAmona Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2006
Dude I cannot beggin to tell how cute this is! :excited: :giggle:
ringuchan Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2003
yay! weekender fanart! this turned out great, itz really kool :D (Big Grin)
lunafrak Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is soooo great!!!! I love it!!!! The colors a gorgeous and both Tino and Carver look so cute!!! And you even put Carver's obsession on his shirt!!!!
shinneth Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is so scarily well-done that it's driving me crazy. XD Still! I just recently discovered the cute wonderfulness of The Weekenders and...Tino is so wimpy and cute. And it's so well emphasized here. ^^; Definite wussy-trying-to-not-be quality. And Carver looks as proud as ever. I kind of like it that he's got regular spiked hair rather than it being all frizzy..makes him look like a real Rooster-Head archetype in the world of anime! Which he so deserves to be in...

Still! Love it, and favin' it.
naphtali Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2003
Nice colors. I like the way you did the lighting and the shadows. Shadows are wonderful.....:D (Big Grin)
goe Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2003

nice work!
xxxsteelgearxxx Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2003
This is really cool. Nice work with the colours :drools:

And I am really impressed with the lighting :D (Big Grin)

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