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June 23, 2010
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Drift 3 Guido cover by dyemooch Drift 3 Guido cover by dyemooch
I think Issue 3 has two of the best covers- here we see Dai Atlas being introduced! I was excited that we get to use him in the book.
Alex's cover has another "I wasn't expecting that!" character making an appearance, but I won't say who it is since that cover hasn't been solicited!
I don't get to work with Guido Guidi a lot, but when I get to, it's awesome. His lines are brilliant, and his covers are a perfect compliment to Alex's interiors :D!

Lines by: :iconguidoarts:/Guido Guidi
Colors by: :icondyemooch:/Josh Perez(ME!)

Drift mini' written by Shane McCarthy
Transformers is property of Hasbro/TakaraTomy
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bladewyng Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
the way you color is fabu and compliments quite nicely.
dyemooch Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! I was really inspired by some of the Jun-Ichi Nakamura pieces in the old Transformers Genesis book. :) I tried to do something along the lines of those works, and I think I fell close to what I was aiming for :D!
victortky Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010
hehe Dai Altas like "Son, go back to your room!" and Drift is like "grumble, grumble,"

Love the colouring and characters, as well as the details and the concept.

Since overlord has appeared in Last stand of the Wreckers, I believe more japanese TFs would appear too!
SeekerNami Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AAWW! Two of my most favorite Transformers together! Form two different continuities now made into one! Aahh!!! ^____^ *falls in love* I wanna glomp them XD~~~

I know this is about Drift-baby, however I see him more often and it's so nice to see a long lost Transformer hero alive once more, it was really sad they only made one Zone OVA. Also made it sweeter when I got my hands on a Zone Takara Dai Atlas which I love so much.

You did a great job with the colors here, they look awesome, and i really love how you make colors look so clean. And it's really a shame you don't put your sign anymore to locate your colors easily.
dyemooch Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Aw, thanks! I just get lazy with putting my sig in pieces now. I tend to let myself believe I don't have as much time as I actually do and concentrate more on finishing and uploading a piece that I just let it slip my mind. I tend to forget about it so much(I'd say anything I've done in the last three months, if not more), that I just stopped. I'll do it again eventually :D

I would love to see more Dai Atlas in Transformers media; that's why I'm excited that we get to use him- AND ANOTHER GUY WHO I CAN'T SAY YET- in these Drift books. Some people argue about characters being used just for the sake of using them, but(and I can't say HOW Dai' is being used) I really just like seeing the giant G1 Transformers cast make their way into comics/cartoons/games- especially the ones that SHOULD be used more often, but just haven't been for some reason.
PriscillaTR Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010
Dai Atlas! :heart:
dyemooch Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
:D! He eats hearts. he doesn't.
RobotMaster3 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010
Holy Snizzap! You & Guido make a damn fine duo, D.

You, Alex, & Guido need to become something like the Galaxy Trio of TF artists. You'd kick ass all the time.
Jedi-Knight-Dave202 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Dai Atlas? You mean like King Atlas?

Once again you've done an excellent colouring job, man I wish I could do this
dyemooch Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
It's Dai Atlas.
Thanks for the compliment man. :D It took a bit for me to just get here, so there's no doubt that anyone could kick my ass if they play with Photoshop enough.
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