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August 3, 2005
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DM-FLAMEBOMBER commission by dyemooch DM-FLAMEBOMBER commission by dyemooch
A commission ah diz'. Commissioner just wanted pencils, but FIRE!!! come on... FIRE!!! I love to color fire. Anywho. Took my time on the colors... and "black" isn't the most flattering of backgrounds, but considering I wanted the emphasis on the "FLAME" part of Flame Bomber, I thought it was appropriate.
Flaws here-and-there... the colors make a few of the pencil mistakes stand out; one such being his right hand's middle finger being too long; or the uncomfortable bend of that left leg. Overall, this has to be one of the few things I've done that I like. Not LOVE, but like, yes. Anywho.
I think I overdid it on the fire... and the "blue backlighting" was added "last second" because I the picture needed more dimension.

So yeah. Whatever you wanna say, feel free. I took artistic license on the guy.

Flame Bomber/Bomberman (c) HUDSON SOFT/MGAME.Corp (I think?)
NOTE: this is a commissioned piece, so I would appreciate it if nobody alters or reuses this image(it's why I turned off the "make available on deviantMOBILE" option). Danke!
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Kitsune0Jester Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
At first when I saw the pixel image, I thought that was it. But when I saw the full image... :wow: That just blew my mind!
Awesome job! I love the flames on both of them!
Shi-Gu May 16, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
WOW, that is AWESOME
The shading, outline, colors, fire effects, the most insignificant detail... EVERYTHING IS PERFECT
i hate you for being good this is what i have always been dreaming to do
dyemooch Sep 6, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Haha! You flatter me- but there are SO MANY PEOPLE that are better than I am! I just got lucky with this picture XD
this is your luck..

my luck is actually making a Perfect circle
Mrcrapinson Oct 6, 2006  Student Digital Artist
I wouldn't like this as much as I do right now if it wasn't for the fiery effect... it's just breathtaking. Keep it up
Mihoko-Haki Aug 27, 2006
....*is speachless*

I...I can't come up with what to say. Accpet...superamazinglywondefuldetailedperfectawe some. ^^;
Dude, I could watch that thumbnail for days ;P I mean, all the pixely goodness on the thumbnail is enough for me to start drooling, but the flames on the actual image...DUDE! That is the "bomb-diggedy"!
Meatball-man Dec 30, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow the amount of detail/time and colouring in this piece is just amazing i swear if i had a weak bladder i would of pissed myself at the sight of this picture its just about perfect :)
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